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Multiple monitor setup (6 monitors)

Spent couple hours upgrading the system to add 6 monitors. Built in motherboard had 4 video outputs. Since I needs to add 2 more, I added a new MSI Ventus GeForce RTX 2060 Overclocked Dual-Fan 6GB GDDR6 PCIe Video Card. This allowed me to get 4 video output from the video card and 2 monitors to built in the motherboard’s video card. I positioned 4 x 27 inch monitors in the center and placed single monitors on left and right side of the shelf. Left and right monitors are used to view my security cameras for front and back door. Center 4 monitors allows me to position one for email, second for remote connection to clients, third one for browsing the web and fourth one for the database. Originally I though, who would use more than 2 monitors? but now I wish I set this up sooner. 

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