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Where to Backup?

Are you ready to lose your data if there is a fire or a is hit by a malicious ransomware attack? In this day in age losing this type of data may mean the end of a business. How to protect ourselves and where to do it? Having a regular backup is one of the components we can insure that nothing happens to our precious data.

There are at least three places of backups that we recommend, local, external and LAN.

Local backups are those that use, for example, windows backup to save an image of your system onto a drive on your computer. This drive can be plugged into a USB or connected inside your computer or server. The image can be recovered, and your computer or server will be back up and running.

External backups are basically cloud backups. They are no where on your network and resides, as the name suggests, outside of your network. Because of the restriction or amount of bandwidth a person may have, this is great for file level backups. You can go back and recover files in the past. Some popular ones you might of used are google drive or Microsoft onedrive. One we recommend do to their robust and ease of use nature is idrive.

Last but not least is the LAN backup. These are called Network-Attached Storage (NAS). A NAS device connects to your network and creates backups. Depending on the brand and model it can do various things. Synology NAS devices, for example, can backup an image of the whole computer onto it as well as doing a file backup. Furthermore, it can serve as network folders and a large variety of functions based on apps, including hosting a virtual machine.

The combination of these three backups can help better secure yourself from the heartache and disasters the come when you lose your data. We implement and recommend these for everyone.

Want more information? Please give us a call regarding these backups (714) 669-7709.

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