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Microsoft Apps & E-Mail Solutions

Get with the Industry standard.  Setup E-mails on Microsoft Outlookand/or setup Microsoft Office Applications for your work force.

Email Solutions

How Can We Help You?


Are you using Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. and would like something more professional.  We would like to set you up with your own domain and integrate your old e-mail so you never miss an e-mail.

  • Setup E-Mail Domain

  • Setup E-Mail protection and filters

  • Setup your emails onto Microsoft Outlook Applciation


  • Email on your mobile phone device

Girl in Modern Workspace

Microsoft Office Applications

Whether you need email only or the whole Microsoft suite, we can get you the appropriate license for your needs.

  • Word, Excel, Teams, Powerpoint, Outlook

  • Exchange Online Plan 1

  • Exchange Online Plan 2

  • Microsoft Office Apps

  • Microsoft Business Standard

Working with Spreadsheets


We've been in business for over twenty years!  Creating the best computing environments for your business, home and everything in between!

Let us help you get your computer needs on track.

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