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We are adept at Windows Server, RAID, Network-Attached Storage (NAS), Domains and MORE! Our priority is to make sure your servers are Safe and Reliable.

Server Solutions

How Can We Help You?


Setting up servers to be safe and reliable can get complicated.  We aim to make sure you will always have a backup and your servers run with enough power to move your company forward.

  • Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022

  • Virtual Machine Hosting (Hyper-V)

  • Active Directory, DHCP, DNS

  • SSD storage vs Hard Drive Storage

  • RAID/ RAID Controllers

  • Damaged RAID/ Storage Replacement

  • Storage Upgrade

  • Data Servers, Web Servers

  • Remote Workstation Servers


Backup are used in case of a digital attack or physical damages to your servers.  We implement for speedy recovery!

  • Local, Network and Cloud backup implementation

  • System Image backup

  • File Level backups

  • Restore Tests

  • Network-Attached Storage Backup  Unit.

Server Installation
Hard Drive Backup


Managing your servers at a Datacenter allows you the confidence that it is kept in an optimal environment with backup generators so you wont go down.

  • Various Site Sharing Capabilities

  • Offsite

  • Safe environment



We've been in business for over twenty years!  Creating the best computing environments for your business, home and everything in between!

Let us help you get your computer needs on track.

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