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Ivcomputer offers complete computing solutions for your small business.

For small businesses in the Orange County area, Ivcomputer provides several installation and IT services, from IP phone and server set up to contracted IT support to troubleshoot any problems that may arise. Offload your IT services to Ivcomputer and save yourself from the stress of maintaining a company network and it's devices. 

Network Solutions

We offer network consulting and troubleshooting, CAT-6 cabling, wall ports, patch panels, VPN, NAT Policy, Firewalls, multi-IP Routers: Sonicwall, Cisco etc., Managed Switches: POE and nonPOE, Wireless Systems: Access Points, Bridges.

Email Solutions

Ivcomputer has much experience in email solutions such as: Outlook Maintenance, Outlook Email Setup, Exchange Server, Office 365, POP/IMAP, Locally Hosted Mail Servers.

VOIP Solutions

We resell Allworx VoIP Phone systems 6x/48x for small to large businesses, POE VoIP phones, phone extensions, hold music etc. We are able to provide SIP Solutions, Faxing, Faxing Servers, Fax over email.

PC Solutions

PC Repair/Upgrades: Windows installations, RAM, Storage, Motherboards, CPU, Graphics, Laptop Screen Repair, Disc Drives. We also sell Intel NUC's, and build Gaming PCs!: SSD Storage, i5/i7, Liquid Coolers, performance RAM, Graphics Cards.

Remote Solutions

We offer remote and on-site support. We can setup a remote connection to your PC, as long as you have internet, we use this to do server monitoring and maintenance. We can also setup remote connections for your own use while you are not at home or the office. Some of the software we are familiar with is Microsoft RDP, Logmein, Splashtop, Teamviewer, ShowMyPC.

Software and Database Development

Small but extremely efficient software development team. We are releasing our very own task managing database program that is a web and cloud-based app that manages service requests made by customers or tasks created by you for your employees, maintains customer information, company reporting and many other great features that will give any business a cutting edge on management and collaboration. We also do Access Database.

Server Solutions

Server Builds: Intel XEON, SSD Storage, 2U and/or 1U Servers, Server Racks. Maintainence, Setup & Monitoring: Windows Server Installation, Storage Replacement, RAID Controllers. Virtual Machine Hosting: Hyper-V, dataservers, webservers, IIS Hosting, SMB Server, Active Directory, DHCP.

Data Center Hosting

We can host your webserver or phone server at our DataCenter for you! Never worry about room temperatures, internet failures, or maintenance.

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