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Contracts and Pricing

Our customers who enjoy our service often find use in signing up for contracted service. Our contracted customers are our highest valued customers and our top priority. Plus you will get access to many of our resources to make your network work better.

Service Contract Summary 

  1. Immediate response to service calls and setup on site service visits. 

  2. On site service is scheduled within 72 hours. 

  3. Friendly technical phone support always within reach. 

  4. Data recovery jobs. 

  5. Remote control to your computer and provide on-site presence support. 

  6. Setup backup job for your server. 

  7. Create map and computer asset report. 

  8. Maintain a log for repair and details of visits. 

  9. Unused Hours will be rolled over to following month until the end of the contract term 

  10. Unlimited Trips until monthly hours are used. 

  11. Any additional service hours will be charged at $175.00 per hour. 

  12. Contract length terms are 6 Mo, 1 Year, 1.5 Years, and 2 Years. Expired contracts must be renewed at the end of the terms. 

  13. Contract supports 2 server (primary and backup) and workstations. Additional servers will be subject to an additional fee. 

*min of 15min/remote session and min of 1hr/visit 
*Weekends and after hour services (after 6pm) are subjected to double rate. 

 In House PC Repair


We'll repair any desktops or laptops, if we must install new parts, we will charge accordingly.

Remote Desktop Support

$Charge/15 Min

The amount charged depends on many variables such as contract. New customers must provide billing information.

Onsite Service


1 Hour + Trip charge is the minimum that can be requested for onsite service.

After Hours Service


1 Hour +Trip charge is the minimum that can be requested for after hours service. 

Trip Charge

$30.00/20 Miles

For businesses inside Tustin, CA, the travel fee is waived.
Normal hourly rate applies after 20 miles or 15 min drive time.

Email & Phone Support


Only for contracted customers, the charge depends on variables such as servers, users, phones, and minutes. 

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